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Airbus Aircraft Configurator

Customization of cabin layouts, materials, finishes to create aircraft interior design and output for customers and production line that allows different professions to work on the same schema.

Porsche Taycan WebGL Car Configurator

In addition to revealing all the nitty-gritty details about the 2020 Taycan, Porsche launched the electric sedan's online configurator. That means we can see all the colors and wheels available for the new Taycan, and get a closer look at the available options.

Lost in Time / World's First Interactive Mixed Reality Show

Lost in Time is set to push the boundaries of television as we know it by incorporating real-time special effects pioneered in The Matrix that bring a feature film experience to the TV. Lost in Time allows viewers to compete in the show to win prizes through an iOS or Android app in a first-ever blending of primetime TV and mobile entertainment.

The Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System

ITS prevents the counterfeit and illegal drugs getting into the system by following the drugs at every step of the supply chain. By using the electronic product code (2D Data Matrix), it is possible to track and trace every drug from the production line to warehouse, warehouse to pharmacy and pharmacy to the end user with this system.

KYK.NET / Country-wide Student Dorms and Loans

KYKNET Project enables “Kredi ve Yurtlar Kurumu” (KYK - Institution responsible for student loans and residences in Turkey - Ministry of Youth and Sports) to manage all institutional processes digitally. The information provided by the students that applied to KYK undergoes an evaluation process after the information is verified.

Turksat Tsunami

Tsunami Project is an overall management system, which has been primarily created for the purpose of digitalizing the cable infrastructure assets, and additionally avails the fulfillment of several management needs using a single system.

Car Simulation + Hydraulic 6DOF

A driving simulation with a 6DOF machine for police force to train car chases. This Hyundai model is the most common car for police forces in Turkey, especially for homicide department.

Chemondis / B2B Chemical Marketplace

It connects experts from the worlds of Chemistry & Technology. It is that combination and approach that makes us unique.

Digital Coach Office / Automatization for Insurance Coaches

The software aims to bring the top German insurance into the digital working environment and will revolutionize and strengthen sales. It is a data-driven mobile app to simplify and optimize the internal sales processes at scale.

Ebasis / Remote Health Support for Old People

A patient software that can be commanded by doctors to give tasks to old patients or to check their health status with Kinect 2.